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“The Bloomsbury Club is a venue that sits effortlessly in time” Design My Night, 2016

What they say: The Bloomsbury Club is a venue that sits effortlessly in time. Named after the famous group of writers, philosophers and intellects, it is nestled underneath one of London’s finest hotels and offers guests an opulent experience, framed by exquisite cocktails and delectable dishes.

The cocktails: The headliners at this venue are the impressive line-up of cocktails, each named after a founding member of the original Bloomsbury group. In tune with the venue’s 1920s fascination, the bartenders pay tribute to what is generally considered the Golden Age of cocktails, using a number of forgotten recipes and techniques to delicately mix the ingredients together. The Duncan Grant (£10), composed primarily of 12 year-old Chivas Regal, Orange Bitters and Luxardo Maraschino, is delectable. Served in a rounded glass with a handful of ice, the citrus tones takes the sting out of the potent whiskey, producing a smooth beverage that could please anyone after one of London’s hot summer days.

The atmosphere: The atmosphere, let alone the cocktails, is intoxicating. Perhaps it’s the timeless antiques, or perhaps it’s the radiating sound of Cole Porter being played on what I picture is an aged gramophone; either way, it’s difficult not to buy into everything this bar exudes. Everything seems to be heading in the same direction. From their crafted cocktails to the saloon bar’s decorations, every tiny detail floods visitors with the same suave sensations of elegance and sophistication.

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